Dog and Cat Grooming

Keep your pet smelling and looking their best

While dogs and cats can groom themselves, they aren't as good as a professional groomer! Without regular grooming care, your pet’s coat-especially if it is long-can develop skin problems, such a matting, infections, buildup of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, as well as provide the perfect home for a multitude of parasites.

All Animal Hospital has two groomers on staff to assist you and your pet with grooming needs. In additional to full grooming, with breed-specific cuts, our grooming team also provide baths, anal gland expression, nail trims, and many extras like bows, bandanas, and even pet cologne.

Call us at 662.844.4955 and request your pet's grooming appointment through our front reception desk. With routine grooming, your pet can stay comfortable, clean, and healthy!

collie being brushed groomed